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Every day thousands of customers interact with brands via eCRM platforms developed by us. They’ll undertake a myriad of tasks, from making a reservation to managing their email preferences. Or, they’ll be introducing themselves to the brand for the first time, and the eCRM platform will ‘nudge’ them through appropriate steps as part of a relationship-building campaign.

We offer clients the opportunity to engage both our eCRM consultancy and to deploy our flexible eCRM platform, to both identify their strategy and then to deliver and track their performance.



App stores by Apple, Google, and Blackberry offer a great opportunity to develop deeper relationships with existing customers, extend brand reach, and acquire new customers.

  • eCRM Consultancy & Strategy

We work with clients to generate customer insight; drawing together data from multiple sources to generate an bespoke eCRM map.

From this eCRM mapping process we can identify key customer profiles. Based on these profiles we then work with clients to create and deploy segment specific ‘nudge’ strategies to enhance customer engagement and deliver increased levels of transactions.


  • 1Creating a Map Of Your Customers

Working with you, we’ll develop a custom eCRM map for your customer base.
Typically, we identify and measure a number of key behavioural criteria when doing this. Each eCRM map is unique to a client.
As an example, your eCRM map may be based upon:
o Regularity
o Transactions
o Advocacy
o Engagement
o Loyalty
o Tenure
o Promotional data

  •  2Creating eCRM Profiles

Once the eCRM map is complete, the next stage is to identify a series of customer personas based upon identified behaviour.
An example persona could be:
Newbie—First time engagement with the brand; they have just signed up for email newsletter, made a initial transaction and have introduced 5 people to the brand via their experience.

  • 3Developing eCRM Nudge Strategies

This is about identifying customer journeys, the next steps you’d like the customer to make, and the nudges to encourage the customer along the path.
Once your nudge strategy is identified, we’ll work with you and your agencies to create and deploy appropriate marketing collateral to engage and convert customers.

  •  4Tracking Performance and Being Agile

Sometimes an eCRM strategy may be an overnight success, but frequently it’s a long burn, adding incremental sales through additional interactions and engagements.
Tracking the performance of campaigns is critical, as is the importance of being sufficiently agile to create new personas on the fly based on data-insight and to create custom eCRM campaigns based upon identified behaviour.

Flexible eCRM Platform

A customisable eCRM platform that offers a flexible centre-point for your customer data, engagement, service and conversions.

  • Tailored to your needs

Our flexible eCRM platform can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Based on our work for leading customer-focused organisations including Novus Leisure, SquareMeal, Transport for London and La Tasca it presents a flexible, reliable platform.

  • Fully managed service

High-performance hosting, data-backup and disaster recovery included as standard means the service is dependable and fully managed.

  • Continuously evolving

The eCRM platform is continuously evolving to ensure that our clients retain their competitive advantage through innovative features and superior customer experience.

Why choose us as your eCRM agency?

We’re experts at creating custom eCRM strategies and have helped many customer focused organisations deliver better, more personalised experiences and obtain sales growth as a result of their eCRM strategy and platform.

  • Working in partnership

We focus on solving unique challenges and work as partners with clients and their agencies to ensure their strategy delivers.

  • Dependable, award winning eCRM

We work with leading customer focused organisations such as Novus Leisure, SquareMeal, Transport for London and La Tasca.

Also, there’s the view

We’re a full service, independent, digital agency. We work with clients to deliver website, mobile, iPad and custom eCRM solutions.


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