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Create emails with an integrated marketing suite, send to your customers and track performance.

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In the last twelve months we sent over 65 million emails to customers on behalf of clients.
All eCRM systems developed by us have an option for an integrated email marketing suite, allowing clients to create and send stunning email campaigns with a simple WYSIWYG editor and to track performance.


Why use integrated email marketing?

There are a number of benefits to clients of using an integrated approach, including the following

  • Integration with customer database

Deep integration with the customer database allowing high levels of targeting based upon customer behaviour and attributes with personalisation and dynamic content generation.

  • No per email cost

The suite is added as part of the hosting arrangement and there is no additional fee per campaign.

  • Control over layout

Clients have a WYSIWYG editor to enable them to build custom campaigns, with draggable items and control over layout.

  • Control over delivery

Simply create a campaign and select a delivery date and time and the system will deliver it.

  • Detailed Analytics

Each campaign has detailed heat-maps depicting customer interaction, tracking of performance criteria such as resulting sales, enquiries, downloads, forwards etc. Our eCRM systems also provide high-level cross-campaign tracking for strategic performance analysis.

  • Customer control

Customers can easily manage their subscriptions with a fine level of granularity, allowing them to identify the regularity and campaign types that they’d like to receive (or not).

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