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Custom integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms allowing customers to interact with brands easily.

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Do you want to develop a custom Facebook widget and have it linked to your website or eCRM platform? Or are you interested in tracking what people are saying about you on Twitter? Or are you trying to find out how many customers convert from Pinterest to buying something via your website?

Whatever your requirement, we can help by developing custom social media modules for your website or eCRM platform.


The Customer Experience

Do you have lots of passwords? Do you just remember your Facebook one? Well, how about using that as your login for any website?

  • No passwords

For repeat customers, having to remember a password is onerous and is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the conversion process. While transaction based websites need some method of user authentication, we do everything we can to minimise the need for passwords.

  • Facebook integration

With Facebook boasting over 30 million user accounts in the UK we enable customers to login to websites with their Facebook details, meaning that they don’t have to do anything if they’re already logged into Facebook when they visit your website.

Do You ‘Like’ this? Will you?

Of course, it’s not just about ease of access for a customer, it’s also about cross fertilisation of content and leveraging the customer experience.

  • The use of Facebook ‘Like’ across content streams, flickr integration for customer photos, YouTube viral videos.
  • FourSquare Mayoral campaigns are all used to cross-fertilise the customer experience across the social media channels that have contextual relevance to customers and the brand.

Management of Social Commerce

eCRM systems developed by Aardvark Media enable administrators to create and post content directly to selected social media channels.

  • Automatic posting

With selected items being automatically posted (i.e. events, news items). Additionally, to help monitor customer interaction via Twitter, our eCRM systems automatically import Twitter comments referring to the brand, allowing administrators to post responses to these tweets without leaving the eCRM service and to monitor trends in comments.

  • Monitoring success

Management of Social Commerce also entails understanding how much business is derived from Social Media, our eCRM systems provide on-demand reporting for levels of commerce achieved, accounts linked (with Facebook) and other viral activity.

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