Virtualised, Secure, Dependable

In the event of disaster we can switch to a failover solution in minutes, with no loss of data. Combined with 24/7 monitoring and out of hours support, we offer clients peace of mind.

Support Services

We run three interdependent, virtualised hosting environments, in and around London with over 100Mbps burstable bandwidth. We have real-time replication of databases and web front-ends, so in the event of a disaster we can switch to a failover solution with no loss of data within minutes. With 24/7 monitoring and out of hours support, we offer clients peace of mind.


  • Installation and set up

If you require more than our shared service can offer then we also provide installation, set-up, dedicated bandwidth and management of dedicated Servers to meet client requirements. We manage dedicated Servers within one of our two Hosting facilities or at a location of your choice.

  • Secure servers

Our customer-facing servers are located in two climate controlled, highly secure facilities. These offer a secure environment for your sensitive data plus a safe route for keeping your websites running in the event of a disaster. We offer +100mbps of bandwidth, ensuring your users get their data quickly.

  • A guaranteed response

Hosting contracts are governed by tailored service level agreements; ensuring efficient and dependable delivery, with guaranteed response times supported with 24-hour emergency contact.

Dependable Hosting

We provide a reliable and cost-effective hosting service for clients at our own managed servers. We don’t provide hosting for anyone else so high levels of service and security are guaranteed.

Domain Registration & web reporting

We register and administer domains and secure certificates – properly. We’re registered Tag holders with Nominet and OpenSRS so will find the right domain for your brand and intellectual property. We’ll administer your domain or secure certificate to ensure your digital strategy doesn’t hit ice.

  • Domain Registration & Admin

The purchase and administration of the right web address is a vital and often overlooked part of a hosting service. We are a registered tag holder with Nominet, the UK domain registrar and have a partnership with OpenSRS for the cost-effective provision of top-level domain names and digital (secure) certificates. We manage domain portfolios for many of our clients and provide the infrastructure and support that safeguards their intellectual property.

  • Web Reporting & Analytics

Information about users and their behaviour is critical when making decisions about how best to refine and develop a site. Aardvark Media provide high quality web reporting software as a standard component of our hosting service alongside Google Analytics. We can also develop customised reporting tools on demand so clients have the information they need to make the right decisions about their online strategies.

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We’re a full service, independent, digital agency. We work with clients to deliver website, mobile, iPad and custom eCRM solutions.


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